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Sunday, 13 July 2014 04:50

Barry MacDonald

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Barry MacDonald is the son of Angus MacDonald, the founder of The St. Croix Review. He is the editor and publisher, responsible for day-to-day operations. One of his first tasks on joining the staff of the Review twenty years ago was to read a series of forty books on the Founders. Also, from the beginning, much as did Benjamin Franklin, he learned to operate a printing press.  

Barry is the embodiment of the self-reliant, self-motivated individual making his way in a society that is becoming increasingly dependant on government largess. It takes discipline to publish a journal of commentary on social, economic, and cultural concerns that run counter to the fashions of the day.

He does the small and large tasks involved in publishing the Review. His editorials are known for being measured, concise, and insightful..

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