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June 2018 Poems

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I am awash in waves this morning with

The windows of my car open with the

Warmth coming in and I am bombarded

With the vibrant blue and white of the sky


And I am absorbing an explosion

Of tiny green leaves on the browns of the

Trees and an exhibitionist in a

Purple shirt is walking with his dog and


There is a sprinkling of dandelions

Already and a red wing blackbird is

Flying and when I get to the office

To play with words a yellow and a red


Tulip by the garage are reminding

Me cresting waves of light are everywhere.


Waves of light rippling

in the air enveloping

me separating me

from winter are exactly

what I wanted.



It is deplorable that a straw was

Discovered in the Marianas Trench

And perhaps to rescue the earth from the

Dispersal of disposable items


It may be helpful where possible to

Turn our implements of convenience

Into fashion accessories and I

Imagine a boutique establishment



Selling remarkable straws with perhaps

Titanium for a military

Gentleman with a tortoise shell case or

Elongated simulated ivory


Or tastefully bejeweled silver or gold

For a status conscious mademoiselle.


We would favor the

planet and engage

ingenuity massage

egocentricity and

boost employment.



The blue sky is exceptional and the

Earth appears blue from the vantage of the

Moon and there is not another planet

With breathable blue air in the cosmos


We are aware of and we are searching

The fourteen billion light years of space and

Set among the brilliance of stars planets

Are almost impossible to find so


Given the impersonal and immense

Nature of reality there is no

Reason why the sound of the wind in the

Leaves should be reassuring and peaceful


And inspiring but year after year

There is the resurrection of sighing.


The breath of

life is visible

and audible

in the wind

in the trees.



From the vantage of today the Pueblo

People who lived in the hollows of the

Cliffs who built adobe homes and worshiped

The sun seem simple and innocent as


The sun was determinate of so much

Drenching their lives with light and imagine

The contrast of the day with the night filled

With stars and the comfort of a small fire


But perhaps they shared our frailties and

Were as prone to anger and fear as we

Are and they needed to ascribe meaning

To what happened by considering the


Constellations and by retelling their

Ancestral stories about courage.


Even with our

knowledge of the

cosmos have we

outgrown needing

stories about courage?



A black hole that can whirl a trillion stars

About itself is not something that can

Be safely ignored and where do the stars

Go that disappear into the hole — and


It is said that vanished stars are compiled

On themselves to a point of infinite

Density inside the hole and said that

Millions of light years is not far enough


To escape the vortex of the hole and

It is speculated even space/time

Collapses inside the hole and time is

Instantaneous and so a word is


Used to describe the inconceivable —

The black hole is a singularity.


The hole where things

go to vanish is an

organizing factor

creating motion

and direction.

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.

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