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August 2018 Poems

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The bending St. Croix River valley is

Perfect for hot air balloons and they are

Up in the afternoon and the early

Evening on the clearest of days and I


Often don’t see them until the whoosh of

Burners firing alerts me they are

There — and they look so odd hanging in the

Air floating who knows where — and the festive


Yellows and reds and greens complement the

Sky like the Christmas ornaments do for

The trees but of course the balloons are the

Epitome of a care free summer day —


Seeing the balloons floating I wonder

How the valley looks and sounds from that view.


It is one of those

things I intend to

do — take a ride in

a balloon — when

there is time.



I didn’t feel the heat of the morning

Until the little black fly with green eyes

Landed on my arm and walked about with

Little legs over the fine hair on my


Arm — and I discovered not wanting to

Expend the energy necessary

To flick it away so I just watched it

Instead and noticed the slightest tickle —


And a little while later a tiny

Black ant proceeded to explore my arm

Too and I noticed the tickle again —

And the ants and the flies have as much right


As I do to enjoy the summer air

But I won’t give the mosquitoes a pass.


As the air becomes

hotter even in the shade

of a tree I start

to feel a little dizzy

and warmer inside and out.



There is a video available

On the Internet of a couple of

Little rascals and a bicycle — with

One of them putting on swimming goggles


And kneeling on the muddy ground by the

Back tire — and with a face full of joy and

Expectation he exclaims to the friend

On the bike and gripping the brakes — "let-er


Rip" — a spray of mud spatters the laughing

Boy — which is quite an improvement of the

Jackson Pollack style because Jackson was

Dripping paint on a canvas by himself


And he could not escape depression but

The urchins together were jubilant.


It is a shame that







This is not the time for cherry blossoms

And the cherry trees already produced

Their cherries for the season — so I do

Not know why I am thinking about the


Cherry blossoms — while we are entering

The mild and lazy ending of summer

Except that the beautiful flowering

Of spring is so beautiful because it


Marks the release from the cold of winter —

And we are on the verge of colder days

And grey clouds moving precipitously

Are dominating the sky and the wind


Is tossing about the leaves and I am

Remembering and anticipating.


The apples on my

apple tree are almost ripe

and this is the first

year I sprayed the apples to

keep the insects away.


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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.

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