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America's Challenge

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America’s Challenge

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

The following is a brief statement of the editorial vision and principles of the foundation, Religion & Society, and its publication The St. Croix Review.

A political and cultural movement has established itself in the United States that includes politicians, public intellectuals; entertainers; artists; writers; academics; lawyers; news organizations; cartoonists; think tanks; bureaucrats; educators; churches and synagogues; corporations; and the new tech barons consisting of Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Facebook.

This political and cultural movement behaves as an exclusionary ruling class that dominates the United States through the government and bureaucracy centered in Washington, D.C.; the institutions of law; the education of children and adolescents; the selection and matriculation of future leaders through acceptance into the nation’s elite universities; the messages communicated in news and entertainment; the instructions imparted by religious institutions; the presentation of content to be viewed in museums; the enticement, management, and sanctuary given to illegal immigrants.

The presumptuous ruling class has adopted revolutionary means to manipulate mass consciousness; to grasp power for themselves; to maintain a system of domination; and to undermine and overthrow liberty-enhancing traditional American values, using:

  • Unaccountable bureaucracy
  • Cronyism
  • Unsupported accusation
  • Systematic deceit
  • Perverted science
  • Class warfare
  • Gender warfare
  • Identity politics
  • Racial incitement
  • Poisoned news narratives

The ruling class is hostile to:

  • Traditional Christian values
  • The founding principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights
  • A disinterested enforcement of the rule of law
  • A due appreciation of rights in private property and the sanctity of contracts
  • The unhindered operation of the free economy
  • A fair-minded presentation of history that upholds achievement, justice, and goodness
  • The self-reliance of the American individual, family, civic institutions, churches and synagogues, immigrants
  • A health care system based on the free exchange of information and service between patient and care provider
  • The management of an immigration system geared towards liberty, prosperity, and the health and welfare of the American citizen, living under the protections of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

Religion and Society and The St. Croix Review oppose the ruling class by means of:

  • Editorials and essays
  • Reasoned argumentation
  • Fair-minded presentation of facts
  • Historical essays
  • Inspirational essays
  • Christian values
  • Commentary of current events
  • Poetry
  • Satire

Religion and Society and The St. Croix Review upholds:

  • The Christian faith embodied in the founding documents of the United States of America
  • The principles of laws, justice, and governance embodied in our founding documents
  • Ideals of truth, justice, and goodness
  • The emphasis on the free exercise of liberty in the economy, and in civic institutions
  • The promotion of the virtues of self-reliance of individuals, families, and religious faiths
  • The diminution of the overweening influence of the ruling class, the bureaucracy, and the federal government
  • An immigration system designed for the preservation of liberty, the founding principles of American governance, and the prosperity of American citizens

Our Vision is to reawaken the genuine American spirit of living in a good, great, and growing nation of free individuals.

Our Mission is to uphold American liberty, prosperity, constitutional law, and humble government.     *

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.

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