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American Ingenuity

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Our vision is to reawaken the genuine American spirit of living in a good, great, and growing nation of free-born individuals.

Our mission is to uphold American liberty, prosperity, constitutional law, and humble government.

American Ingenuity

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

The St. Croix Review and its readership are a fellowship of people who believe that America is the home of free-born people. We want a good education for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. We want to choose professions that suit our abilities and our independence. We look forward to bettering our economic circumstances through the unhindered application of our talents and energy. We believe it is our birthright to live in a location and to associate with the people of our choosing. We expect that as long as America remains America we, with our families, will be able to worship God as we are called to worship God — without interference from the government.

The St. Croix Review and its readership cherish religious faith. We believe in ordered liberty with the prescription that we conform our conduct to a moral code that gives meaning and dignity to our lives. Material prosperity is not an end unto itself, but instead leads the way to freedom from poverty and despair. Raising a family; nurturing and educating our children; engaging in civic institutions; attending a church — these are the durable satisfactions of our lives. Our relationships are based on love, compassion, empathy, tolerance, mutual aid, and shared strength.

One of America’s great strengths is to have a numerically large, adaptable, intelligent, and energetic middle class. Small businesses throughout America have created the ferment and cross-pollination responsible for our prosperity. Individual Americans who live anonymously and far from the limelight of celebrity are tending to their own shops and acquiring the technical sophistication necessary for success. They are hiring and training competent employees. They are creating the goods and services that their fellow Americans desire — these individual Americans are the heroic engines of American prosperity! American wealth arises from the unfettered ability of free Americans who exercise their God-given talents to the furthest extent possible.

American ingenuity and optimism and genius arise as often as not from the ranks of the middle classes and from people who come from humble and disadvantaged circumstances: Oprah Winfrey is an entertainment star; Steve Jobs founded Apple Corporation; Larry Ellison founded Oracle Corporation; Michael Dell founded Dell Incorporated; Michael Bloomberg is a billionaire businessman; Thomas Boone Pickens, Jr. is the chairman of BP Capital Management. All of these people arose from humble circumstances in America.

America is a good and great nation. When we are able to apply our unhindered talents to our own self-interests, the nation, as a whole, benefits. Our American freedoms have propelled our prosperity. Our religious faiths have enabled us grow into good-hearted, strong, moral people. The exercise of our liberties and our faiths have prompted the fortitude and the energy necessary to achieve great accomplishments. What kind of world would we be living in today if America’s ingenuity and determination hadn’t been marshalled and directed against the fascist forces of World War II and the Communist menace of the U.S.S.R?

It is the mission of The St. Croix Review to defend the American liberties that were gifted to us at the birth of our nation. The charter of our American liberties are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States, and the Amendments to the Constitution. Americans enjoy a unique foundation compared with the nations of the world: Our nation was designed to protect the individual citizen from the despotism and tyranny of a too-powerful government.     *

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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