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A Celebration of America

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Our vision is to reawaken the genuine American spirit — of self-reliance and prosperity.

Our mission is to uphold American liberty, Constitutional law, and humble government.

A Celebration of America

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

Sometimes it is helpful to take a break from repetitive daily activity and to reflect on what it is we are trying to accomplish. This is especially true today, as America is being overrun by hairbrained socialist fanatics.

Above are two short statements. They serve as guiding principles for our continuing publication. We are in our 54th year of publication. The statements above have been revised from the last issue — you can see their old forms by referring to the last issue.

The old versions were too wordy, and were difficult to remember. We hope that these revisions will help our ideals to grow roots into the heads and hearts of our readers. These are not new ideals. They are a rewording of what has always been the prevailing American ethos.

The first is our vision statement, which is a summation of the American dream. The import is that through our cherished self-reliance, Americans may become prosperous. There is the implicit faith that God has given each of us unique abilities, and roles to play in our society. Once we are free of the chains of various forms of tyranny, we will be able to express our talents in ways that may benefit ourselves, our families, and our communities.

Our vision statement is in opposition to the thrust of the socialist propagandists who are attempting to divide Americans by race, ethnicity, gender, and gender identity. The socialists distinguish between good Americans and bad Americans. The bad Americans are white, and are inherently racist. White male Americans are to blame; even more so if they are professing Christians. The good Americans are people of color. They have been the long-suffering victims of white people throughout American history.

The socialists believe that people of color, and people who hold religions other than Christianity, have always been oppressed by the white, patriarchal, power structure; they could never prosper under traditional America. The socialists promise that once the revolution has been achieved, everyone will be showered with government benefits. Rich people will pay for everything, as they should, because they stole their wealth from the poor.

The socialist point of view is wickedly ridiculous and simplistic when it is boiled down to its essence. However, the socialists and Marxists in American universities have spent many decades squirreled away in faculty lounges inventing complicated theories, involving “intersectionality,” and so on, to give their ideas a patina of respectability. They have also been busy polluting American students.

Our vision statement, promoting self-reliance, in no way implies that those in our society who are physically or mentally unable to care of themselves are to be abandoned. The bulk of the American people are good-hearted and compassionate. It is a worthy accomplishment to create broad-based economic prosperity through the free market economy. Through our individual efforts we increase the prevailing wealth of society.

We can afford to be compassionate because we are prosperous. In socialist societies everyone is equally miserable — except the dictators who confiscate the meager degree of existing wealth, which they defend with armed guards.    

The free market itself is not sufficient to instill virtue in American citizens. We rely on various religious faiths to instill compassion in our people.

Our mission statement, “. . . to uphold American liberty, constitutional law, and humble government . . .” gives pride of place to “American liberty.” American strength comes from our liberty. We believe in the energy and talent of the American people. Once we have the freedom to pursue our own self-interest, we may define our dreams and desires as we please, and we, ourselves, are best suited to bring our dreams to fruition. Because we are free, we are able to assume the task of managing our responsibilities.

We defend our liberties though our adherence to the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. These are unique and magnificent documents in the history of the world. They are distilled wisdom, coming from millennia of Western history. They have evolved from the experience of centuries of tyranny and suffering.

It is absolutely essential to recognize that the socialists have nothing better to offer the American people. Whatever version of socialism they offer, it will surely manifest in some form of top-down governance, wherein the dictators will acquire the fruits of society for themselves, and poverty will be spread equally among Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or gender identity.

The last part of the mission statement — “humble government” — is an idealistic goal. Perhaps we will never achieve “humble government,” but we can walk in the direction of it.     *


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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.

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