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Parents and Children Are Cannon Fodder in America

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Parents and Children Are Cannon Fodder in America

Barry MacDonald — Editorial

It is a common experience nowadays to talk to an acquaintance for minutes, thus to discover chasms in knowledge and understanding. How people who live in the same country can come to such divergent views is a shock. We are not divided on peripheral issues but over basic values of decency and propriety. Parenthood is devalued in America today in favor of woke policies.

On the way to our cars upon leaving church I talked to a fellow I know and respect. He is genial and accomplished. He is a surgeon. His family has “strong Democratic roots” he told me. He was surprised that I admire Ron Desantis. He thinks Governor Desantis is an “extremist.” He doesn’t understand why Desantis fought against the Disney Corporation. I replied it wasn’t good for kindergartners to be exposed to story hours with drag queens. He agreed with me, but, I recognized a divide between he and I. The use of the word “extremist” is a clue that points toward an adamant attitude. The best I could do was to make my point and move on. His views were set in concrete.

There was the Parental Rights in Education bill successfully passed by the Florida legislature, and signed by Governor Desantis two years ago. The bill prohibits gender ideology in Florida schools from kindergarten to the third grade. To have protected all of the grade school children would have been better, but apparently the pressure from the educational bureaucracy was too formidable to overcome.

The Parent’s Right bill prevents instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity. It requires Florida school districts to notify parents if there is a change in policy. The bill prioritizes the mental, emotional, and physical health, and the well-being of children. The bill establishes a respectful partnership with parents. Parents are honored in Florida.

The 2022 law was dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” bill by activists and media. It was slammed by leaders of global corporations, including Disney. NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” attacked it. ABC’s talk show “The View” smeared it. The editorial boards of major newspapers wrote of its “disturbing” quality. Across America news reporters labeled the bill “controversial.” President Biden rebuked it. The bill was subjected to sustained and pervasive mischaracterization.

Is the sage and worthy Joy Behar of “The View” informed, or even interested, in the facts of the Florida law? The word “gay” appears nowhere in the bill.

It is astounding that so much cultural firepower is directed against the well-being of children and parents. Prepubescent children should not be experiments in woke politics. Yet progressive elites have made gender fluidity a national priority in education, beginning from kindergarten.

The continuous slant of media commentary on the Florida Parental Rights bill was a national brainwashing of public opinion.

  • Why are parents who love their children so disfavored neglected and shamed?
  • Why is sexual identity such a priority for Democrats and education bureaucrats?
  • Why are the transitions of schoolchildren from one gender to the other a secret not to be shared with parents?
  • Why does the Democratic party foster animosity between educators and parents?
  • Since when have teachers assumed preeminent authority over parents in the raising of America’s children?
  • Isn’t gender ideology in primary education a perversion of our schools?
  • Five years ago, gender dysphoria was a non-issue in America. What has changed between then and now?

I refrained from an argument with my surgeon friend in a parking lot. The polarization and animosity of dividing views is a predicament, a burden, and a danger.

Informed and civilized discussion on politics is an essential but difficult art in America. One wonders how to bridge the gaps between us. What national events will follow if we cannot?      *

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Barry MacDonald

Editor & Publisher of the St. Croix Review.
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