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Civilized Behavior

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Civilized Behavior

Angus MacDonald -- Editorial

Of all the animals on earth, man is the most intelligent and the most uncivilized.

Many people are civilized, but they do not make the news. The local news every night contains improper behavior.

When two people on TV are asked to state their opinions, the conversation is heated and ill-mannered, with one interrupting the other and trying to prevent the other from making a case.

But this is the pattern of life. Workers organize to demand the employer do the wish of the workers, and the company becomes bankrupt. Toyota comes to the U.S. and prevents unions from taking over. They produce better cars with happier workers. General Motors is bankrupt and may go out of business, and the workers will blame the company.

Unions achieve only a temporary advantage because their demands increase cost and inflation. Others pay for what they demand, and the cycle spreads over society.

Politicians get elected by promising citizens money, and we have built a system of benefits that we cannot afford and that will lead to bankruptcy. Cultures die, and so will ours. That is the lesson of history.

If I were a dictator I would abolish unions but insist that companies share profits with the workers. Workers would be interested in their product and would do their best. They would be partners in success for themselves and the community. Their lives would be civilized as they renounced warfare.

Though the majority of all countries are decent people, they are swept away and accept dictators because in present circumstances the worst elements come to the top and prevent civilized discourse.

Countries collapse, which is historic fact. And they all collapse because of greed. The poor attack the wealthy, who are maligned. *

"A just security to property is not afforded by that government under which unequal taxes oppress one species of property and reward another species." --James Madison

Some of the quotes following each article have been gathered by The Federalist Patriot at: http://FederalistPatriot.US/services.asp.

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