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June / July 2014 Issue Summary

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The following is a summary of the June/July 2014 issue of the St. Croix Review:

    In"Our Mission Is to Reawaken the Genuine American Spirit . . ."Barry MacDonald explains the focus of The St. Croix Review.

Thomas Martin, in"Who Am I? What Am I Doing Here?"uses a college commencement speech to impart timeless wisdom.


Peter Searby, in"Educating the Lost Boys, Part II,"presents his inspiring program that relies on the best methods of teaching from Western Civilization.

Allan Brownfeld"'Being White in Philly' Explores 'Whites, Race, and the Things that Never Get Said',"writes about continued racial tension and an aspiration to find peace; in"Father's Day with Bill Cosby, an American Original,"he celebrates a courageous and honest man with a golden heart.

In"The Politics of St. Paul,"Mark Hendrickson ponders many interpretations of St. Paul's writings on how early Christians should interact with the Roman Empire; in"The UN, EPA, and the Latest Climate Change Folly,"he undercuts the latest alarmists' rhetoric with facts.

Herbert London, in"The Pathway to the Future,"points to nihilistic trends in American culture and calls for an American awakening.

In"The Quest for David Axelrod's Leftist Roots,"Paul Kengor demonstrates how far researchers go in search of the truth; in"Nancy Pelosi Accepts Margaret Sanger Award . . . and then Calls Catholics Like the Pope 'Dumb',"he shows how morally bankrupt Pelosi, Sanger, and the "progressive" movement are.

In"The Obamacare Scam,"Twila Brase points out the many ways the "Affordable" Care Act is a bad deal.

Fred Singer, in"The Coming Paradigm Shift on Climate,"argues that there has been "no appreciable human-caused warming in the 21st century at all."

Timothy Goeglein, in"The Centennial of a Cataclysm: One Life, One Family,"relates the tragic end of the British poet, Wilfred Owen, who died in W.W. I.

Anthony Garavente, in"The Red Army's Victory That Shaped W.W. II,"explores the strategies of Chamberlain, Stalin, and Hitler that led to Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact of August, 1939; he shows how W.W. II could have played out much differently.

In"The EU Threat to Democracy and Liberty,"Philip Vander Elst explains how a core of European elites has been successfully stealing national sovereignty and liberty from the individual European nations through fifty years - this is a cautionary tale about the relentless drive of tyrants.

In"A Life in Diaries,"Jigs Gardner describes the daily, weekly, monthly activities that melded his and Jo Ann's lives with their beautiful farm.

In"Vanity Fair,"Jigs Gardner explores the social norms of Victorian England in William Thackeray's best novel.

In"Know Your Enemy,"Fayette Durlin and Peter Jenkin consider aspects of the Left to identify its essence: Contempt for the genuine American spirit.

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