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Save the Males

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Save the Males

Richard F. Doyle

Richard F. Doyle has been an author and advocate of men's rights for decades. This essay concerns his book Save the Males.

Save the Males - Masculinity and Men's Rights Redux, by Richard F. Doyle. Poor Richard's Press, Forest Lake, MN, pp. 315, ISBS 987-1-4116-9633-4, pp. 315, paperback $15.

My newly revised (April 2013), thoroughly documented, conservative-leaning book Save the Males, describes how conformist modernism has negatively affected Western civilization, the family, children, and especially males.

This book attributes social deterioration and family disintegration largely to moral laxity and leftist thinking as well as to discrimination against men throughout government and society. It takes on highly sensitive issues such as welfare, feminism, and numerous other undesirable influences. It raises issues most people are unwilling to consider. Incorrect politically, it steps on many toes.

The book explains concepts and steps necessary to restore a sane, moral, and economically sound society. It proves conclusively that millions of in-home fathers are the best answers to crime - more effective than police and social workers.

Gender politics have been addressed at length, but seldom from the viewpoint of males. Lord knows, the viewpoints of females have been examined and broadcast exhaustively. I believe that there is a war against men, which is harmful to all of humanity, a problem bigger than "global warming" - or cooling, whichever currently occasions handwringing.

The axiom that women are more discriminated against than men in Western society is the greatest hoax going. Anyone who believes it is deluded. Feminists believe it. Feminists are deluded.

A primary purpose in writing this book is to disparage the all-too-common idea that males are the inferior gender. Men's sorry situation results largely from a combination of misplaced chivalry (or a perversion of it) and misandry, a near universal zeitgeist. These are elephants in the room that nobody notices, or pretends not to notice. These ideological blinders and the metastasizing of feminism have severely damaged society.

This book is an effort to distill the advice of good and intelligent people on gender, law, and family. It covers philosophic and political ground, ending with a serious investigation of morality: right and wrong, good and evil.

The book is available through or kindle. *

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