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Summary for June 2013

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The following is a summary of the June/July 2013 issue of the St. Croix Review:

In "What the Case of Kermit Gosnell Says about Us," Barry MacDonald shows that the abortion doctor recently sentenced to life in prison for first-degree murder is not unique in America.

Allan Brownfeld, in "Why Is the National Media Ignoring the Gruesome Murder Trial of a Philadelphia Abortion Doctor? Is Political Correctness at Work?" reports details of murders that the left refuses to face; in "Ten Years After Iraq, Debate Is Finally Beginning in Earnest about America's Role in the World," he writes about much needed soul-searching with the Republican party; in "The Assault on Ben Carson: Does Free Speech Exist for Black Conservatives?" he describes the abuse the brilliant neurosurgeon has been taking from the left; in "The Heckler's Veto and Speech Codes Threaten Free Speech at the Nation's Universities," he describes ugly tactics that make a mockery of our nation's most important freedom.

In "Mismatch: A Book with Sensible Proposals on Affirmative Acton," Herbert London reviews a book that offers solutions.

In "The EPA: The Worst of Many Rogue Federal Agencies (Parts I and II)," Mark W. Hendrickson details many instances where the EPA, in a rush to impose punishing and crippling regulations on industry, ignored or suppressed scientifically based evidence refuting their justifications for the regulations; in "Medicare: Did You Really Pay for That?" he describes how politicians have swindled the American people with promises that can't be kept, and the terrible consequences.

Paul Kengor, in "Well Done, Lady Thatcher - The Passing of the Iron Lady," remarks on Margaret Thatcher's victories over statist power inside and outside Britain; in "Ronald Reagan: Same-sex Marriage Advocate?" he cites why Reagan would not have wanted marriage redefined: reasoned, principled conservatism; in "Preserving Hugo Chavez," he compares the treatment given to Chavez's body to that given Vladimir Lenin: the left might be preparing a new saint.

In "Liberty and Order," A.W.R. Hawkins writes that order must be imposed upon liberty else appetites and passions lead to decadence, and a "free-for-all"; ours is a society decaying from a lack of moral order and faith in our Creator.

Philip Vander Elst, in "The Illiberal Face of 'Social Liberalism,'" writes of the brutal political tactics behind the homosexual marriage agenda, using the power of the state to destroy religious freedom.

In "Save the Males," Richard F. Doyle presents his latest book on Masculinity and men's rights.

Jigs Gardner, in "Letters from a Conservative Farmer - The Backlands," begins another adventure by taking a farm in the hard land of Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.

Jigs Gardner, in "Historians, the South, and the Civil War," revisits a subject he loves - strategy, culture, personality - the writing and writers of the Civil War.

In "Survey of Conservative Magazines: Whither Conservatism?" Fayette Durlin and Peter Jenkin review the ruminations of conservative writers on where the movement should go. They think many of these writers need courage.

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