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Faith and Untethered Delusion

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Faith and Untethered Delusion

Barry MacDonald - Editorial

I try to see the best in people and to understand that bitterness defeats itself.

The Left is always angry and they are full of energy - they derive strength through accusation. They have a master narrative: America is an oppressor nation. Black men are being murdered by racist police because racism is in America's DNA. White privilege pervades society. White males are raping coeds on college campuses. Religious people hate homosexuals and want to punish them. The litany of accusations is vast and so much of it is founded on fabrication and deceit.

The narrative is an old revolutionary trick. It creates an army of progressive crusaders who believe their opponents are demons against whom viciousness is justified. Truthfulness is not important but the amount of anger generated is. Lies are useful tools in advancing the political agenda - the grasping of ever more power.

It would be easier to have sympathy for the deluded leftists if we weren't being smeared, and our livelihoods, property, and prosperity weren't at risk, but we are in a battle to preserve a decent society and we will need to call upon whatever reserves of strength and faith we have to be successful.

Consider the effects of resentment, and be wary of falling into the trap yourself, because that's what happens in battles - anger generates anger in a tit for tat dynamic.

Resentment is a malignant obsession that focuses the attention narrowly to a few points or a single point. All mitigating factors are eliminated, and so resentment is a form of blindness. There is little room for the patient and objective-minded pursuit of truth because the space is taken by catch phrases and slogans. Passion arises and the resulting behavior is capable of great damage. People who disagree become monsters to be destroyed by any means necessary. So many humane qualities are forgone: kindness, gentleness, consideration, compassion, benevolence, justice and, most importantly, the communication of different points of view through which a deeper view of truth is discovered.

Anger is a natural human emotion and at times it is a proper and just response, but it is difficult to keep within proper bounds once it is summoned and directed by political operatives skilled in manipulation. I strive for balance, and to address issues dispassionately, as Abraham Lincoln did.

Habitual consuming anger created and manipulated by demagogues for political gain corrodes and distorts the unfortunate soul who is captured by the fervor of a revolutionary narrative. For the deluded pawn, what chance is there for lasting satisfaction or happiness? Perhaps even his dreams are saturated with bitterness.

What distinguishes conservatives from the revolutionary progressives? We believe in a transcendent moral order that comes from God. We have faith that morals are built into the nature of things and that decency is a reflection of God's grace.

We have been characterized as fuddy-duddies, stubbornly, and defiantly holding on to our worn-out ways of behavior. This is mistaken. We conservatives may disagree among ourselves about how things should be going forward, but as a whole, I believe, we do rely on revelation: That governance should be grounded on solid and humane principles revealed to us through our practice of faith. We believe that we should adapt in partnership with the divine. We are a collection of different faiths and we are willing to compromise within moral bounds.

The challenge and adventure for us is to discover how to adapt ourselves to ever-evolving circumstances while at the same time preserving ordered liberty, human dignity, free enterprise, property rights, free expression, and the loving care of children within healthy families.

Progressives often refer to "social constructs" when addressing matters of race, gender, abortion, right and wrong, etc. I've been puzzled by the term - what do they mean? I believe they mean that "society" decides how to parcel out divisions of race and gender. "Society" decides how to value an unborn child's life. And how does society decide? The few people at the top use power to make up the rules - might makes right.

To Progressives there are no sacred rules, and our most intimate moral precepts are subject to ridicule and revision.

Progressives don't have a problem with the use of power; in fact, they want to acquire all the power they possibly can. And they want to punish political opponents, but that's not tyranny. Tyranny is when white Christian males have the power.

Progressives may profess to be people of faith, but their behavior doesn't reflect it - perhaps they are honestly deluded. What kind of faith supports the routine use of viciousness and deceit?

Do progressives search for the nature of a transcendent moral order? Do they believe there is a power higher than the elite few who control government? I don't think so.

I am not sure what progressive "principles" are. Bruce Jenner proclaims himself to be a woman - we are expected to agree. A blond, blue-eyed Rachel Dolezal pretends to be a black woman crusading against an oppressive culture - we are supposed to admire her bravery in challenging "social constructs." Planned Parenthood kills babies and harvests organs from the bodies, further desensitizing Americans to an increasingly barbaric practice - and we are called extremists for objecting.

Progressives always progress - that's what's truly scary about them. Where will their totalitarian urges take us next? Aren't we justified in being angry with them? Yes, of course.

But we shouldn't allow ourselves to be consumed with hatred and bitterness because we do believe in a transcendent moral order - this is our strength, that we place trust in God as we do everything we can to oppose progressivism. We should allow God to work his will - this is a resource the progressives don't have.

Abraham Lincoln is a wonderful example. With his armies he fought the Civil War to the utmost while he held to his principles and preserved his humanity.

In Charleston, South Carolina, Dylann Roof passed an hour in the company of church members having a Bible study. He almost desisted from his intentions because the congregants were so welcoming, but his hatred determined him. He shot and killed nine decent people.

Rioting and looting didn't happen in Charleston as they did in Ferguson or Baltimore. Al Sharpton found no leverage to raise a mob because authentic Christianity is practiced at the Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church, and the people of Charleston wouldn't permit it.

The public heartfelt forgiveness of Dylann Roof by the families of the murdered victims should be a magnificent example to us all. *

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